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Tips on Starting your Child’s Flashcard Lesson

If your child is new to right brain training, here is how you can start:

  1. Only once a day.

  2. Start with 50 flashcards (at least 1 month). Slowly increase to 100 cards when you feel your child is ready.

  3. What flashcards should you flash? A mix of math and picture flashcards. Do more pictures if your child likes them. If your child likes math, then do more math. Always flash what interest your child.

  4. Flash the same flashcards for 1 to 2 weeks before introducing new sets.

  5. How fast should I flash? The flashing speed is less than 1 second per card or faster. When you introduce new flashcards, start slow and gradually increase speed.

  6. Plan your flashcard lessons using the Home Practice Guide.

  7. Yes, you can take 1 day off. For example, you can teach your child from Monday to Saturday and take Sundays off.

Remember, every child is unique and has different talents. Go with your child’s interest and make sure they are having FUN.

We have provided a complete range of flashcards to teach you to teach your baby or toddler.

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