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Glenn Doman Books "Must Read" Review

Glenn Doman method of teaching and research goes back as far as the 1950s, and millions of babies have benefited from his method. Today Doman's method is still being taught at home by parents around the world.

Doman's books are very easy to understand and read. Before you start teaching your baby, here are the Glenn Doman books we recommend and are a MUST READ.

To kickstart your child's home flashcard lessons at home here is a list of books from Glenn Doman you must read.

  1. How To Teach Your Baby Math

  2. How To Teach Your Baby To Read

  3. How To Give Your Child Encyclopedic Knowledge

Here is what Glenn Doman has to say about INTELLIGENCE, you will then understand his methods.

"Intelligence is principally a product of 3 things, the ability to read, the ability to do the math, and the amount of encyclopedic knowledge".

Below are our comments about some of his books.

How To Teach Your Baby Math

1. Review: How To Teach Your Baby Math

The first few chapters of Glenn Doman's books on math and the other books are very similar. In these early chapters, Doman stresses the importance and explains the benefits of starting your baby's early education earlier. The earlier your child starts, the easier it is to teach your child and the more intelligent he will be.

In his other chapters, Doman presents his Math program. His methods are very systematic, and he explains in a very simple explanation how and why Math should be taught in a certain way.

For example,

There are 2 types of math flashcards used in his method; One is "dots" on the cards and the other "1,2,3".

Math dot cards should first be taught because "dots" represents the number of objects.

Number "1,2,3" flashcards are considered as numerals or symbols representing the number of objects (dots).

Doman believes parents are the BEST TEACHERS to their children. He shows the readers that teaching their baby is very easy. It is a good book to read because he explains the whole process of how and why math should be taught logically.

How To Teach Your Baby To Read

2. Review: How To Teach Your Baby To Read

The beginning chapters are similar to the Math, but he just explained it in a different. His message again was, your baby can learn to read/do the math when they are a few months old. The earlier you start to teach the easier he will learn.

Just like his Math program, Doman has got a system/process on how reading should be taught. He makes teaching to read very simple and easy. He also explained how and why in every of his teaching methods.

For example, Doman has a proper system, his method "The Reading Pathway" starts with learning "single words" and work all the way up to "sentences" and easy reading children books.

You will get a good understand of what "Glenn Doman" reading (word and picture) flashcards you need to make (printable) or buy teach your child to read. Again it is a good read.

How To Give Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge

3. Review: How To Give Your Child Encyclopedic Knowledge

This book talks about how to give your baby a huge amount of knowledge quickly, and easily.

In this book, he quotes,

"The purpose of this book is to teach parents how to give their babies thousands or even tens of thousands of clear, precise, discrete and unambiguous facts which are true, often beautiful and always fascinating."

Doman continued to show how to make flash cards and how the cards are to be flashed. He gives a good explanation of everything you need to know about teaching your baby using flash cards.


Doman has many books, but the ones reviewed are the "Glenn Doman Method" essential books to read, and it covers all the information you need to teach your child.

His method was used since the 1950s till today, and millions of children have benefited from his method.

If you want to teach your child, you can get ideas from his books and then make/print or shop online for your flash cards.

To learn how you can expand your child's learning capabilities, click here.

For more info about the "Glenn Doman Method", we would highly recommend you to read his books and visit their official website.

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