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Flash Cards and Right Brain Exercises Launched for 2017 (April - Nov)

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Here is the list of flash card topics that we have added over the past few months to the library collection. You will get more variety of flash cards and right brain exercises for you to teach your child in the next coming months.

All the materials we added will benefit your child's right brain exercises.

Encyclopedia Flashcards: Birds
Encyclopedia Flashcards: Flowers
Children Flashcards: Set 13
Learn To Tell Time
Pi Memory

Coming Soon

Pi Memory is a new exercise that will be launching very soon. It will come in video format and printable. Pi is a formula to calculate the diameter of a circle. The Pi in 18 decimals is 3.141592653589793238. The number will continue infinitely without repetition and pattern. Your child will improve their memory by mastering the Pi Memory exercises.

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