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Shichida 63 Day Vs 65 Day Math Program Flashcards

You are given both the Shichida 63 day and 65 day Math Dots Flash Cards in the Right Brain Education Library.

Which right math flashcards program should you choose to teach your child?

The 63 day and 65 day Math Flash Cards program is one of the most important parts of right brain training for parents to practice with their child, Shichida Method at home.

Both Shichida math program teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication and a combination of equations using random dot cards.

Here are a few tips and facts that you will find interesting and beneficial to know before you decide.

Here goes...

1. What is the difference between the 63 and 65 day math dots program by Shichida Method?

The 65 day math was the first math program developed by Professor Makoto Shichida which consist of

1. Cycle / Part 1 = 65 days

2. Cycle / Part 2 = 65 days

3. repeat both Cycle 1 and 2 twice

In total it would take 390 days to finish 3 cycles.

As for the 63 day math program, it was later introduced to Shichida classes around 2009 before the demise of the Shichida founder, Makoto Shichida.

It would take a total of 63 days to complete. This program does not have any cycle, and it is a simplified version of the latter program.

For the 63 day version, continue to practice the program many times and incorporate it as part of your child's daily lesson.

The 65 days flash card "Dots" are 1 to 100 dots.

The 63 days are only from 1 to 50 dots.

The benefits of both programs are:

1. To develop "lightning speed" math calculation though image calculation.

2. Develop Photographic Memory.

3. Able to see the dots and tell the number of dots on the flash cards by looking at the flash cards

2. What is the suitable age to start this program?

Above 3 months and above. The earlier, the better.

Even if your child is 4 years old and above you can still flash these cards.

Through research, when your baby is only a few months old, they may not be able to say the equations, but they are learning through the right side of the brain. They know and understand what is being taught.

3. How to Incorporate it with the other Shichida materials at home?

Whether you are using the 63 day or the 65 day Shichida math, do incorporate with other math dots flash cards (random and organise), picture flash cards and right brain exercises.

The right side of the brain can take in a lot of information. However, remember, the key to right brain training is the way you flash the cards. It is all about SPEED. You must flash less than 1 second per card.

When teaching your child, the parent's attitude and approach are the most important. Teaching must be FUN.


If you want your child to reap the benefits of this math program, you have to flash every day consistently.

As for choosing between 63 day or 65 day, there are no right answers. That is the reason we have 2 of these math program in the library. We hope that with these information you can decide what fits you best to supplement your Shichida classes.

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