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Glenn Doman's Advice On Teaching Your Child

Happy Glenn Doman Children

Glenn Doman is the founder of the Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential which is famous for their pioneering work in early childhood education.

Here are his MOST IMPORTANT tips that will help you teach your child using Glenn Doman's Method.

If you want to have a happy and intelligent child, just follow his advice.

  1. Teach joyously.

  2. Go very quickly.

  3. Applaud your child's success enthusiastically.

  4. Don't test.

Let me explain further.

1. Teach joyously - The moment your child is born, he or she is hungry to learn about everything in the world right this moment. Your child will not have any idea what's worth learning or not.

He will take all his cues from you. If you think learning Math is fun, so will your child.

If you think it is boring, then your child will think it is also boring. So you must show your child that learning math is fun.

The most enthusiastic mothers are the most successful.

2. Go very quickly - The first six years of your child's life is very important because your child's brain is built to take in facts at an incredible rate. Little children learn facts many times faster than adults. If you teach your child too slow, they will feel bored.

That's one of the reasons why your child might refuse to learn their flash cards, and you will lose their attention. So you have to flash cards as quickly as you can. 

Glenn Doman Flash Cards Library

3. Applaud your child's success enthusiastically - Your approval is the most important thing to your child than any other reward. The more you tell them how great they are, the higher their motivation, self-esteem, and love of learning will increase.

4. Don't test -  That's right! Don't test your child! This is the greatest limiter to success. Everybody loves to learn, and everybody hates to be tested. So do kids.

Teaching your child is very easy! Just keep things simple.

One more thing, Glenn Doman says, 

"Start as early as possible - The younger the child, the easier for him to learn."

Hope you like this article!

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