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7 Ways To Raise A Creative Child

Creative baby
1. Adopt a Democratic Parenting Style.

If your kid is too obedient or easily trusting, they often lack creativity. As a parent, you should not be too strict in raising your child.

2. Allow your child to be doubtful.

Allow or encourage your child to research first before believing any information given to them is 100% the truth. A child who is more open-minded tends to be more creative.

3. Good character-building is important.

If your child is observant, optimistic, and independent, these qualities will enhance their creativity. A child who can think deeply is observant even with details and likes to analyze his or her objects, can have better problem-solving skills. If his or her will to learn is strong, he or she will develop into a creative person.

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4. Develop your child's imagination.

If your child can imagine and visualise well your child often can see what others cannot see. Train your child's imagination and visualisation with mind puzzles and games.

5. Conduct proper training in creative development and increase exposure to creative materials.

Creativity can and must be trained. By using the right training materials, your child will be more successful than those not using any materials.

6. Other methods to help your child be creative:

Play spontaneous games. Tell stories. Play with blocks and creative products such as LEGOs.

During the period of preschool, your child needs to learn to solve problems. Participate in many extra-curriculum activities, join a creative class, write jokes, write scripts for mini-dramas, join intellectual thinking competitions and solve other people's problems. In a nutshell, develop problem-solving skills.

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