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RBE, Right Brain Flashcards VS Other Early Learning Materials

Glenn Doman says, "Without knowledge, there can be no intelligence."

One of the best and proven methods of gaining knowledge and improving your baby or toddler's memory is through flash cards.

What about the other early learning materials you can buy for your infant?

There are books, puzzles, Lego, games, educational toys, and many others.

Every other learning material that you buy for your child has its own purpose and benefit.

Flash cards, play a significant role in early teaching your infant:

  • new words

  • vocabulary

  • math

  • phonics

  • science

  • geography

  • animals, and many others

At the same time, your child will improve their memory and remember what they learn. Children that were exposed to Right Brain Education Training will benefit throughout their schooling years as learning will be easier and faster. Therefore making the schooling experience fun and joyous as children have confidence in themselves.

Flash cards are the primary learning materials used by the Shichida Method, Heguru, and Glenn Doman Method.

It is highly recommended to include flash cards as part of your baby or toddler's home lessons.

Many parents who send their child to Shichida and Heguru Method use the Right Brain Education Library flashcards to teach their kids at home.

Discover the types of right brain flash cards and other educational materials your baby or toddler would love to learn.


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