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An Effective Way To Teach Your Infant At Home (or Online)

There are 2 things every early learning experts say you must follow to teach your child effectively.

  1. The Method

  2. The Materials

When you join the library, we not only provide you with over 25,868 flashcards and right brain exercises. What is most important is to understand the method and how you should teach your child.

The library is not a "follow step by step" lesson plan. However, we provide you with:

  1. The understanding of why and how to teach your child using the right brain method is taught. With a better understanding, you teach your child more effectively.

  2. The power of choice. The flexibility to pick and choose the flashcards in the library collection to teach your child. Every child has a different talent and interest. Make your child's lesson FUN.

The library membership comes with the Home Practice Guide and full access to all the 28,919 flashcards and right brain exercises. Start your baby or toddler lesson at home.


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