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3 Reasons Why Teach Your Baby Math

Your child's math learning journey begins here!

  1. Take advantage of your baby's incredible learning abilities at a young age. The best time to teach your baby is from 0 to 3 years old, your child has the ability to absorb and learn new skills very fast. Whether it is math, language, and reading skills. During these periods, whatever your baby or toddler learns will be embedded in their subconscious mind (right brain).

  2. Preparation for preschool or kindergarten. Research shows that most parents teach their babies and toddlers to read but neglect early math. When it comes to teaching your baby math, your aim as a parent is not only the ability to do the math but also to familiarize your child and cultivate their interest in math. You would want to "make math fun".

  3. It is a living skill. Almost every subject in school or in life requires math skills. It is always an advantage to start early and built a strong foundation.

The best way for your baby or toddler to succeed in math is to:
  1. Start early. For your child to master any skills, it takes time. Your child is already ahead when you start teaching them math early.

  2. Make math fun. Your child learns best through having fun.

  3. Incorporate math into their daily activities.

What materials do you need to use to teach your baby/toddler math?
  1. Math Dots Flashcards.

  2. Math Puzzles and Games.

How to teach your baby math using right brain education?

The Right Brain Education Library comes with complete math dots flash cards and instructions. You get to teach your baby quantity recognition, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Don't wait. Start your baby's math early.

Parents join the Right Brain Education Library for flash cards and right brain memory exercises to teach their baby or toddler at home.


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