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Praising Your Baby or Toddler The Smart Way

Baby Flash Cards video on best tips and benefits

Check out this video we just launched.

When you start teaching your baby or toddler at home, always do AFFIRMATION and Praises! This motivates your child and develops their confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.

This video is about how to make your baby smarter.

If you want to praise your child, make sure you focus on


When you do constructive praises your child will think that...

My Mom will praise me...

1. If I learn new things

2. If I make an effort

3. If I do good work without being told/reminded

4. If I have a good attitude

5. If I have good behaviour (sharing/caring)

6. If I have a good habit

7. If I focus and concentrate

8. If I am disciplined

9. If respect my parents and siblings

10. If I achieve something

Praises are important. But remember, praises are of "Value" to your child if it is done constructively.

To look at the type of flashcard materials you can use to teach your child, click here.

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