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Teacher Vs Parents. Who is better at teaching?

Are Teachers better at teaching your baby/toddler or you as a parent?

Parents/mothers generally are better teachers.


It is because mothers have a closer bonding with their children.

According to Glenn Doman and Makoto Shichida teaching your child is not about showing flashcards but also about bonding with your child.

In Glenn Doman method, parents are taught how to teach their child math, reading, and encyclopedic knowledge. Doman believes this is the most effective teaching approach.

As for Shichida, they highly recommend parents to practice with their child flashcards and right brain exercises at home every day.

It is essential to send your child to Shichida classes. However, parents play the most important role in their child's early education.

Here is a Tip!

The goal of teaching your child is all about input and bonding. Teach your child and introduce new flashcards and exercises regularly to expand your child’s learning abilities.

When it comes to teaching your child...

"Mother knows best!"

Many parents have been using the Right Brain Education Library program to teach their babies and toddlers at home.

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