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Are You Getting The Latest Baby Flash Cards?

We have seen over time many types of baby flash cards, and right brain materials have evolved. Comparing 10 years ago and now, most flashcards today look more attractive. 

The flash card pictures are more realistic (not cartoons). The topics are more interesting and exciting. Not just focusing on only famous painters, literature, or historical sights.

The flashcard topics today are more FUN.

old Shichida flashcard material

Picture 1 : Old Baby Flashcard Design

new Shichida flashcard material

Picture 2 : New Baby Flashcard Design

Flashcard designs have evolved and improved. This is to ensure flashcard lessons are more engaging and interesting.

At, we are constantly evolving. All the flashcard materials are constantly refreshed and updated.

It is all about developing flashcards that will engage your child. 


A lot of other "baby flash cards" products out in the market will say theirs are "the best" and "original." We do not doubt that. However, do they actually update their flashcards?

The pace in terms of technology and changes is so fast. Educational materials also need to be updated and improved. 

This is to get your child to have more FUN learning, be more engaging, and make learning more effective. The library believes in moving with time and improving along the way.

At the library and your child is always getting the latest flash cards. Discover more about the library.

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