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How do I get my Baby/Toddler to focus on his flashcards?

This is a very common frustration most parents have, especially when there are times your baby boy cannot keep still. Whether at home, in the car or especially in their classes, when you or the teacher is teaching is teaching.

Here's what is interesting...

According to the right brain teachers, the child is hearing, learning and absorbing even though they are not looking at the flash cards.  Do not underestimate your child, they are learning.

 There are a few reasons why your child is not looking at the flashcards,

1. Your child already knows or see the flash cards you are teaching.

2. He is preoccupied / curious about his surrounding

3. Bored

4. Sleepy, tired or not in his best mood.

Here are some tips you can use before his flash card lessons at home,

1. If you are teaching your child at home, we would recommend you to choose a little corner where your child is not easily distracted by his surrounding.

2. Create a routine and choose a time that you feel your baby is in their best learning mood. Learning must be a FUN.

3. Before your child's home lessons, make sure your child has enough sleep, they have eaten and not hungry during classes. Do give positive words / affirmation to your child, for example, telling your child that he is a good boy, he will enjoy his classes, he is doing well... etc.  

4. For your flash cards lessons at home, keep it short and sweet because your child is also busy and wants to explore his surroundings.  

Whether you send your child for right brain classes or teaching flash card lessons at home, do not have expectations to see immediate results or want to test your child.

Early childhood education is a journey and is long term.

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