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Your Child's 1st Library

1st & World's Right Brain Education Library
Get only the ORIGINAL right brain flashcards. 

Flexibility - 4 flashing speeds to choose (less than 1 sec).

Quantity - 44,772 flash cards including 24,839 multilingual flash cards. No worries about not having enough flash cards.

Quality - High Definition, bright, beautiful and realistic pictures. Your child will love it.

Convenience - Learn anywhere and anytime. Use your iPad, iPhone and all Android devices.

Specification - All flash cards use Montessori fonts. Specially designed for all babies and toddler (4 months old to 7 years old).

Multilingual Flashcards - English, Mandarin, Arab, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Hindi, and Tamil flashcards.


Your flashcards are in full screen, real live pictures on full HD quality. All flashcard materials meet the exact standards set by the right brain education method. All text fonts are sharp and clear following the Montessori Method.

baby flash cards for glenn doman
baby flash cards

“Encyclopedic Knowledge” flashcard requirements


Every Right Brain Education Library flash cards are:


1. Precise - Picture needs to be accurate and appropriate to describe the picture. For example, if it is a bald eagle, it cannot look like a chicken.


2. Discreet - Flashcards should show one item or one subject per card. For example, if the word on the card says “Bald eagle”, the picture should focus on only one “Bald eagle”.


3. Clear - The background should not distract nor confuse the “one item/one subject”.  


4. Unambiguous - The word on the flashcard describing the one item or one subject has to be specific or precise. For example, “Bald eagle” or “Haliaeetus leucocephalus” instead of just “eagle”

High-Speed Flashcards


The secret to training the right side of the brain is through speed flashing because it activates the right side of the brain. Your right side of the brain is the creative side (imagination, memorisation and visualisation).


When flashing at a slow speed, the left brain is working because it begins to analyse the flashcards. Your left side of the brain is the logic and analytical mind.

Flashing cards slowly DO NOT activate the right brain.

The Right Brain Method utilizes the right brain's instant memorisation ability by quickly flashing cards at a rate of 0.5 seconds per card.

The Right Brain Education Library's Speed flashcards come with 4 different speed option following the right brain education requirements.

Join the Library Today. Less than $3.97/month.

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