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How to Teach Your Baby/Toddler Flash Cards at Home?

Teaching your baby or toddler flash cards at home (or online) is easy.

Here's why...

It is easy because it involves simple math, words, and general knowledge that you already know.

When teaching your child, set a goal on what you want your child to learn.

There are 3 essential skills your baby or toddler must learn:

  1. Math

  2. Reading

  3. General Knowledge (Encyclopedic knowledge)

Is your child a few months old, to 3 years old?

There are 2 ways how you can determine what to teach your child. You can teach your child based on:

  1. By age

  2. By program (math, reading, and encyclopedic knowledge)

The easiest and most effective way to teach your baby/toddler is by following a "flashcard" program. It is easier because your child will develop a proper and strong foundation from the program. For example, when you teach your child math, your child will learn:

  1. True value (number recognition)

  2. Equations (addition, subtraction, and multiplication)

Your child will have to go through the necessary steps to learn and develop their math foundation.

Whether your child is 1 year old or 3 years old, they have to learn and cover all the mathematical basics. When you teach your baby or toddler, look at what your child needs to learn. Follow the correct steps and not by age.

What is more important is to get an early learning foundation right.

Make sure your child knows their numbers first, then addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

It may seem overwhelming at first. But when you know what programs and materials you need to teach, it will be effortless.

Here are the topics or programs to complete your child's home learning program.

  1. Math

  2. Reading (Phonics, Sight Words, and Most Common Words Taught In The English Language based on the Oxford English Corpus)

  3. Encyclopedic Knowledge

You want your child to learn math, reading, and develop good general knowledge. Does not matter if your child is 1 year old or 3 years old.

Don't wait, start right away.

The comes with all the early learning materials your baby/toddler needs:

  1. Math Dots and Numerals (number recognition, addition, subtraction, and multiplication).

  2. Reading Program (Phonics Reading based on the Montessori Program, Sight Words, Most Common Words in the English language by the Oxford English Corpus, Speed Reading Program).

  3. Encyclopedic Knowledge Flash Cards like Science, Geography, Vocabulary, Animals, Transportation, Landmarks, and many more.

The library has a total of 28,919 flash cards for your baby or toddler to learn.

teach baby flash card at home


Lots of "right brain education" memory exercises to improve your child's memory and learning abilities.

  1. Mandala Memory Puzzles

  2. Peg Memory and Linking Memory

  3. Photo Image Play Exercises

  4. Eye Training Exercises ( to train their peripheral vision)

  5. Speed Reading Exercises

  6. Photographic Memory Puzzles

It is very easy to teach your child when you have all the early learning materials.

The library comes with the "Home Practice Guide" which has handy tips that guide you to teach your child effectively. Teaching your baby or toddler is easy as "ABC".

The Right Brain Education Library materials are designed for kids going to Shichida Method and Heguru Method classes. Many parents are using the Library's flashcards to teach their children at home.


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