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Speed Reading is FUN (Right Brain Education Method)

Toddler Practising Speed Reading With Mom
Toddler Practising Speed Reading With Mom

After showing flash cards to your child, you can also introduce Speed Reading.

The Right Brain Education Library collection has lots of exercises for your child to practice their Speed Reading.

If your child enjoys their "speed" flash cards, they will definitely enjoy Speed Reading.

"Speed Reading" is also being taught in right brain education classes.

Right Brain Education method is different from the regular "Speed Reading". Your child does not read the written words in the book.

Just like flashcards, the written words inside the book are read visually. The written words are interpreted as images. The goal is for your child to look at the written words and sentences and immediately be able to absorb what they see.

If you are a member of the library, do not forget to let your child practice speed reading. If you are not a member yet, click here to look at the library flash cards and right brain exercise collection.

Right Brain Education Library Collection

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