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New Multilingual Flashcards for Babies and Toddlers

Your child can pick up new languages very easily.

There are always new right brain flashcards and exercises added to the library collection for babies or toddlers to learn.

You can use these flashcards using the right brain education, Shichida Method, Heguru Method, or Glenn Doman Method to teach your child at home.

We are pleased to officially announce our new multilingual flashcards for babies and toddlers. Here are the NEW list of languages added and updated in alphabetical order:

1. Arabic

2. French

3. Indian (Hindi, and Tamil)

4. Mandarin (Simplified & Traditional)

5. Russian

6. Spanish

7. Japanese

8. Vietnamese

The multilingual flashcards mentioned consist of BASIC picture/words flashcards, math dots and alphabet flashcards.

Every month there will be more flashcards added.

If you want to look at what and how you can teach your baby or toddler at home, we recommend to subscribe and read or download our "Right Brain Education Manual". We will share with you how to teach your child at home.


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