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Launching Updates: Science Flashcards and others...

Flashcards for Shichida Method


"The more you show, the more your child will learn"

For the past few months, we have added more and also improve the Eye Training Exercises.

At the same time, members get free access to the NEW Photo Image Program (Retail USD$188.00).

These exercises train your child's Photographic Memory using the Right Brain Education Method.

Now we are back to developing and adding more flashcards to the library.

You now have more flashcards added to your library collection.

Here is the NEW list of additional flashcards launched:

  1. Science Flashcards.

  2. Number Flashcards.

  3. Children Flashcard Set 13.

There are also some improvements and updates in the Children's flashcard Set 11 and 12.

If you have not joined the library, CLICK HERE to discover the 25,229 flashcards and right brain exercises you can have to teach your child.

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