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Introducing A NEW SERIES of Math Random & Organise "Dot" Flashcards

We believe every child must enjoy and have FUN learning.

Introducing the NEW SERIES of math dot flashcards.

Adding on to our existing "red" dots, you now have fox, and truck "dot" flashcards in your collection.

All the flashcard images are incredibly sharp and beautiful. The "dots" flashcards are following right brain training methods like Glenn Doman, Shichida and Heguru.

The position of the "dots" on the flashcards are unique.

Why is Math Dot Flashcards important?

These cards train your child to instantly recognise the amount of red "dots" without counting them.

This is known as "subitising".

Subitising is an important part of developing number sense by helping them to relate numbers to the actual group of items.

We know, your child will love these new series of "dots" flashcards.

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