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Chinese (Mandarin) Flashcards For Baby/Toddler Using Right Brain Method

Looking at teaching your baby/toddler the Mandarin language?

Right Brain Education Library has around 1,400 Mandarin/Chinese flash cards for your right brain home practice. Teaching your child foreign languages are part of the right brain training curriculum.

It is easy for your child to learn any foreign language.

To any baby, whether learning English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Tamil, Vietnamese, Arabic or Russian, it is all foreign to the child. A baby's mind is like an empty container waiting to be filled with knowledge. So this is the best time to expose your child to a huge variety of flash card materials and languages. 

All the flashcards come with 4 different speeds for you to flash to your child. When you introduce new flash cards, start with "Speed 1 or 2" and later progress to "Speed 2 or 3" As part of the right brain exercises, you must flash the cards faster than 1 second.

We will be adding thousands more Chinese (Mandarin) flash cards materials together with other languages. Do come on board and join the library membership. Your child will have a lot of FUN learning and discover new flashcards every day. 

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