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2023 Directory & Review of Shichida, Heguru & Glenn Doman Right Brain Education Schools

Looking for shichida, heguru and glenn doman schools

The leading right brain education schools are Glenn Doman, Shichida Method, and Heguru.

In right brain education schools, flash cards are not only used as tools. There are other activities such as ESP games, image eye play, eye exercises, memory games, picture flash cards, singing and dancing, storybooks, playing cards, etc.

Here is a short review and directory list of the Shichida, Heguru, and Glenn Doman schools around the world.

Right Brain Schools

The three most popular and established right brain schools are Glenn Doman, Shichida Method, and Heguru.

Glenn Doman

Glenn Doman is the pioneer in right brain education. He founded The Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential and began pioneering the field of child brain development in 1955.

He and the institute are known for their pioneering work with brain-injured children and their early development with well children.

Glenn has authored a lot of books and materials that show parents how to tutor their babies at home.

The principles of IAHP methods are:

  1. There is a genius capability in every child.

  2. The answer to release the child's potential is through stimulation.

  3. Teaching should be started at birth.

  4. The learning progress is faster, the younger the child.

  5. Kids think learning is playing.

  6. The child's best teachers are their parents.

  7. Learning must be enjoyable for the child.

  8. There should not be testing during learning and teaching.

Doman's program uses flash cards to teach babies and children. The topics covered in flash cards are:

  • Baby Flash Cards in black, white, and red (visual stimulation cards)

  • Math Dot Cards (to develop the child's analytical mind)

  • Words Flash Cards (Learning to read)

  • Picture/Vocabulary Flash Cards (biology, music art, history, human physiology, mathematics, foreign languages)

To find out more about Glenn Doman Method, click below:

Doman International

The Institutes Worldwide

Shichida Method

Founded in October 1978 in Japan.

Professor Shichida believes the purpose of education is to develop a well-balanced child with tremendous capabilities, a child rich in creativity and the ability to utilise a vast portion of the brain.

He believes that the parent-child relationship is the MOST important.

Every infant has amazing learning capabilities. At a very young age, they should be given proper brain stimulation to bring out their inborn talents like photographic memory, multiple languages, creativity, and amazingly rapid calculation abilities.

Click the links below to review the Shichida centre in your area:

Shichida Method Schools
North America :

East Asia :

China : Shenzhen Maoye Center, Shenzhen East Pacific Center, Shenzhen Bay Center, ShenZhen BaiHua Center, Shenzhen Qiqiaoguo Center, Shenzhen Bahaocang Center, Beijing Solana Center, Beijing ShijijinYuan Center, Beijing Fuli Center, Beijing Langqin Center, Shanghaiwan Center, Shanghai Gangqi Center, Shanghai Jintie Center, Shanghai Xiexin Center, Kunming Jinbi Center, Guanzhou HaiZHu Center, Nanjing Taiyangcheng Center, Nanjing Jinrun Center, Shenzhen Zhuoyuehui Center, Xiamen Zhonghang Cengter, Zibo Wanxianghui Center, Shanghai Changtai Center, Hangzhou Binjing Center, Xi'an Gaoxin Center, Chongqing Aiqinhai Center, Wuhan huiju Center, Beijing Yayuncun Center, Beijing Fangzhuang Center, Shanghai Jiading Center, Hefei Xindi Center, Shanhai wanxiangcheng Center, Shanghai zhongjian Center, Hangzhou yuanyang Center, Shanghai Zhangjiang Center, Shanghai Yifengcheng Center, Fuzhou Taihe Center, Beijing Yizhuang Center Shenzhen Haishangshijie CEnter, Shenzhen Qiaoxiang Center, Shijiazhuang Center, Hangzhou Wanxiang Center, Chongqing Shidai Center, Chongqing Ranjiaba Center, Shenyang Wanxiang Center, Wenzhou Wanxiang Center, Shijiazhuang Jianhua Center, Chengdu Youfang Center Chengdu Dayuecheng Center Wuxi Huijin Center

Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) : Zhongxiao Center

South Korea : Daejeon

Southeast Asia :

Cambodia : Phnom Penh

India : (closed)

Oceania :

United Kingdom (UK) :

United Kingdom (UK) :

Romania : Oradea Center

Glenn Doman, Shichida & Heguru Flashcards Library
HEGL Heguru

HEGL is also knowns as Heguru. HEGL stands for Henmi Education General Laboratory.

This method was developed by Hirotada and Ruiko Henmi over 30 years. Most conventional methods rely on "How teachers teach children"' but Heguru method focuses on "How to enhance the children's ability to acquire education."

It is already widely accepted that your child will greatly benefit from early education. To increase the level of effectiveness of your child's learning. Heguru advocates right brain development as the key to success.

Your child will be trained to acquire knowledge effortlessly. It will make your child's learning process a joy at school and in life.

Click the links below to review the Heguru centre in your area:

Heguru Schools

Australia : Melbourne Surry Hills Centre, Melbourne Knox City Centre

Kuwait : Kuwait Centre

India : Chennai T Nagar Centre, Bangalore, Chennai (reopen 2023)

More schools are coming up; we will update the list. Do keep in mind that lessons conducted by Shichida and Heguru classes are only once a week. For your child to gain the right brain education benefits, you need to teach your child at home. Discover more.

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