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Develop your child's inner talent by using Shichida Method, 

Heguru & Glenn Doman theories.

From the 1st & World Largest "Right Brain Education" Library for children

"Your Child Need These Flashcards If..."

  1. Your child is a newborn up to 6 years of age.

  2. You are sending your child to Shichida or Heguru Method classes.

  3. There are no right brain schools in your area and you want your child to use these methods.

Let's face it...Shichida and Heguru classes are held ONLY once or twice a week. How much can your child learn? Don't you agree your child need to practice everyday. So with our library, you have all right brain materials you need! 

It is very EASY & CONVENIENT for your child to learn.

Select what exercises you want. Our software will do the rest. It's that easy...

Your Child Will Get...
15,000+ flashcards PLUS lots of right brain exercises following Shichida Method, Heguru and Glenn Doman theories.
Here are some of the topics :
  • Alpha Music 
  • Eye Exercise Charts
  • Mandala Sets
  • Linking Story Sets
  • "Image Play" Exercises
  • "Energy Ball" Exercise
  • Complete 65 Day Math Program (2 Cycles)
  • Math Dots Flashcards
  • Math Flashcards - Addition, Subtraction & Multiplication
  • Vocabulary Flashcards
  • Alphabet Flashcards
  • Picture Flashcards
  • Complete Peg Memory System (NEW!)
  • And lots, lots more ....

And you will get an easy to use "Home Practice Guide". PLUS easy to use instructions for every flashcard sets.

Quite simply, almost every learning materials your child need is here...

Freedom, Flexibility and Convenience...

With the library, you are in control.

You can use the library anywhere and anytime. Just use any computer devices like your laptop, iPad, tablet or any mobile phones. 

You only need to invest once and you can have all the educational materials for your newborn child up till they are up to 6 years of age.

No need to DIY or shop for anymore learning materials! 

Now you have MORE TIME & FLEXIBILITY to focus on your child's other important priorities.

Your Child Will Have FUN...

Here are some easy tips you can follow using these proven right brain education methods :

  1. Flash as many cards as possible. The more you flash the more your child will learn. So with our library of 15,000+ flashcards your child will learn much more.

  2.  All the materials are developed  by our experienced and trained right brain school teachers.

  3. "Shichida Method" believes you must flash the cards less than 1 second. The library comes in 4 different levels of  flashing speed for you to choose.  From 1 second and faster.

  4. I would recommended you to use a variation of right brain materials or exercises other than flashcards. The Library comes with a lot of other materials other than flashcards.

You will also get a lot more easy tips when you join us. We have made learning VERY EASY for your child.

Do You Have Enough Flashcards? 
1,000 flashcards will last you max 5 months only. 

Shichida, Heguru and Glenn Doman recommends you to flash a minimum of 100 cards per session using the same cards at least 1 to 2 weeks. 

If you flash the same 100 cards for 2 weeks, 15,000+ flashcards in our library will last you 5 years and 130 days.

When you join our library, you will take years to finish using all the flashcards and right brain materials in the library.

Discover Your Child's Greatest Potential...

By following Shichida Method, Heguru and Glenn Doman theories your child will learn more effectively.

Over the years, we have seen many children benefiting from these pioneer right brain schools.

All the right brain materials in our library follows these top right brain schools closely.

Get the right and proper flashcards for your child and I guarantee your child will learn more. 

Click to watch this video 1 and video 2 and you will see why!

When you join now you will...